Child custody and visitation are likely to be the most important issues relating to your final divorce settlement or judgment. The San Antonio child custody attorney you select to represent your family’s best interests should have the experience and focus you can rely on. At the law office of James L. Nowlin in San Antonio, Texas, we know that the attorney you hire will make a significant difference to your child custody, child support, and visitation settlement or judgment. James L. Nowlin is a Texas Board Certified Family Law Specialist with more than thirty years of experience helping people resolve their most complex child custody issues that arise in their divorce.

Whether you are defending your right to a fair visitation schedule or fighting the termination of parental rights, our firm is ready to protect your rights and interests in all child custody and visitation matters.

Your child’s best interests will always be our highest priority

Contact us to schedule a consultation about how a Board Certified Family Law Specialist can help you resolve all of your child custody and visitation matters. Our divorce attorneys and staff will always work in the best interests of the children toward effective resolution of your legal problem. When custody is shared, the non-custodial parent may wish to modify an order to spend more time with the child. We can help when a parent wishes to increase his or her visitation or when a parent relocates. We also help custodial parents who need to enforce the child support order in the event a non-custodial parent is lapsing or refusing payment.

It also frequently happens that a non-custodial parent may need to modify child support because of the loss of a job or a change in financial or health circumstances. If the non-custodial parent’s situation has changed substantially for the better, an increase in child support could be sought. If the non-custodial parent’s situation has changed substantially for the worse, a reduction of child support may be appropriate.

Grandparents may desire to have some visitation despite their estranged relationship with either or both parents of a grandchild. Though recent legislation has somewhat restricted this opportunity, there may be some options we can pursue.