In divorce cases and paternity settlements, the court obliges a parent to pay child support to the primary caregiver in an effort to ensure that the child will receive appropriate care. Even in cases when both parents have been awarded joint physical and legal custody, the state may order one of the parents to pay support. The amount of child support to be paid is determined as a percentage of the monthly income of the parent ordered to pay. In circumstances where the parent is self-employed, the courts must determine the monthly amount based on tax returns and other financial records. For both the payer and the recipient of support payments, child support can become a hotly contested issue in divorce and child custody cases.

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San Antonio child support lawyer, James L. Nowlin, can help you determine what child support obligations may be. By applying a simple income calculation to determine the monthly payment, you will know how to proceed to protect your best interests. Although child support levels are determined by law, there are often many factors that an experienced attorney should take into account when finding a fair resol