In Texas, the family law courts generally consider property acquired during a marriage to be community property. Some property acquired by one of the spouses may remain separate property if acquired by family inheritance. In most cases, dividing marital property for a fair divorce settlement may not entail more than determining the value of a house and other financial assets. In cases involving real estate holdings, ranches, closely held businesses, and pension plans, however, resolving property settlements can become complicated and require experienced legal representation.

Texas Board Certified Family Law Specialist

San Antonio lawyer, James L. Nowlin, has the resources and experience to resolve even the most complex marital property issues. Our divorce attorneys work to ensure that every dollar is uncovered and properly classified as part of the community or separate estate.

We have experience in the division of property involving:

  • Pension plans
  • Stock options and deferred compensation accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Oil rights and leases and mineral interests
  • Real estate and vacation property holdings

We know that marital property issues are often among the most contentious concerns for divorcing spouses. Dividing complex and high-value estates can affect a family’s financial holdings for generations. We work hard to find property resolutions through mediation and other means of alternative dispute resolution. Through skillful negotiations, we are generally able to find solutions to the most complex property division problems, but when trial is necessary, we have the experience to litigate effectively on our clients’ behalf.