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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement

A wedding is supposed to be a happy time for couples and their families. No one wants to think about legal details such as property and assets. However, to ensure that you are protected, it may be best to consider the creation of a prenuptial agreement. At the law office of James L. Nowlin, our San Antonio attorneys utilize our extensive knowledge of family law issues in order to effectively represent our clients’ rights throughout the course of creating, negotiating, and finalizing any marital agreements.


The legal matters surrounding the establishment of paternity and the issues of child custody and child support often result in high levels of stress for all parties involved. As one side works to establish paternity of a child, the other side may be fighting to deny legal responsibility.


A divorce settlement isn’t written in stone. Although a settlement or judgment is meant to take the immediate and long-range future into account, things change in people’s lives after divorce. The loss of a job, the failure of a key investment, or even a major health problem can result in the need to request a modification to an original settlement or judgment. Depending upon your specific circumstances, you may have a legitimate reason to change your custody arrangement, child support obligation, spousal support, or marital property settlement.

Military Divorce

Family law issues can be difficult enough without additional complicating factors. However, for members of the military, additional complicating factors are common in military family law cases. They often require the attention of a San Antonio military divorce lawyer who has a wealth of experience representing the rights of military servicemen and women and their families.


Step-parent adoption is far-and-away the most typical kind of adoption in Texas. As custodial parents remarry, the step-parent often adopts the child to assume full legal and financial responsibility, particularly in cases when the non-custodial parent has lost touch with the child or no longer supports the child financially.

Complex Property Division

In Texas, the family law courts generally consider property acquired during a marriage to be community property. Some property acquired by one of the spouses may remain separate property if acquired by family inheritance. In most cases, dividing marital property for a fair divorce settlement may not entail more than determining the value of a house and other financial assets. In cases involving real estate holdings, ranches, closely held businesses, and pension plans, however, resolving property settlements can become complicated and require experienced legal representation.

Child Support

In divorce cases and paternity settlements, the court obliges a parent to pay child support to the primary caregiver in an effort to ensure that the child will receive appropriate care. Even in cases when both parents have been awarded joint physical and legal custody, the state may order one of the parents to pay support. The amount of child support to be paid is determined as a percentage of the monthly income of the parent ordered to pay. In circumstances where the parent is self-employed, the courts must determine the monthly amount based on tax returns and other financial records. For both the payer and the recipient of support payments, child support can become a hotly contested issue in divorce and child custody cases.


When it comes to divorce, you need an attorney who truly understands how your decisions will shape your family’s future. San Antonio divorce lawyer, James L. Nowlin knows what his clients need. Attorney James L. Nowlin is a Texas Board Certified Family Law Specialist with more than thirty years of experience resolving complex marital property and child custody issues, representing clients in communities throughout Central and South Texas. Our goal is to do everything possible to help you fight for the best possible outcome for your divorce settlement or judgment.