A wedding is supposed to be a happy time for couples and their families. No one wants to think about legal details such as property and assets. However, to ensure that you are protected, it may be best to consider the creation of a prenuptial agreement. At the law office of James L. Nowlin, our San Antonio attorneys utilize our extensive knowledge of family law issues in order to effectively represent our clients’ rights throughout the course of creating, negotiating, and finalizing any marital agreements.

As a Texas Board Certified family law specialist, San Antonio lawyer, James Nowlin can help you understand how a prenuptial agreement works. He has over thirty years of experience as a family law specialist, rendering him an effective and highly skilled advocate. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your prenup concerns.

Protecting your individual property and assets


If you own a home or have significant assets before you get married, it is important to protect those once you get married. Without the protection of a prenuptial agreement, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to losing some of the assets you worked so hard to accumulate. A prenuptial agreement may be especially beneficial to individuals entering into a second or third marriage. The agreement may allow those types of clients to protect assets and property for children of previous marriages.

Making an agreement after the wedding

Many individuals may not realize that a marital agreement may need to be in place in order for their individual property and assets to be protected. However, it is possible to create a postnuptial agreement if a prenuptial agreement was not entered into before the wedding. We can take the time to review a client’s case to determine how best to structure an agreement that is fully protective of your assets. Take the time to speak with a prenuptial agreement lawyer in order to ascertain if it is in your best interests to have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement created. Contact us at the law office of James L. Nowlin in San Antonio today to schedule an initial consultation.