DevOps is a practical implementation of Agile methodology and the most efficient approach in software development nowadays. Previously software development used the Waterfall model.

This is a set in stone plan that you can’t change. The Waterfall model literally looks like a waterfall or cascade. This approach is very unwieldy because you can’t move to the next step before finishing the previous one.

At the same time, DevOps services provide a flexible approach with an automated routine. DevOps transformation makes the process of software development faster and smoother.

How does DevOps methodology work?

You might saw pictures where DevOps methodology looks like an infinity loop. One of the main ideas in the DevOps culture is to build the Infrastructure as Code (IaC). It means the infrastructure for software deployment is described with manifests. Manifest is the textual file written in descriptive language. A developer can change this file and customize the deployment environment at the same time.

IaC allows building CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD is Continuous Integration and Deployment. CI provides building code in small parts. The developer writes code and the code is automatically tested thanks to IaC. After successful tests, new parts of code are added to the main software. Thus, we receive Continuous Integration. Continuous Deployment (CD) helps to deploy new part of code to the main code as fast as possible. Thus, it looks like some kind of magic. The developer writes code and it’s somehow delivered to the end-users almost immediately.

But in reality, DevOps engineers did a lot of work and implemented a lot of tools to automate these processes, also there is a huge work with development teams. As a result, you have a reliable autonomous infrastructure that is continuously monitored and improved. To reorganize work this way, you need to hire experienced DevOps engineers.

Benefits and of DevOps methodology

DevOps methodology has a lot of benefits for your company. At first, you’ll significantly reduce the time-to-market. Reducing time-to-market will increase the cost-efficiency of software development.

Also, the DevOps methodology provides a high level of reliability and security in software development. Before the DevOps implementation, DevOps engineers make an assessment of the system and look for bottlenecks and other weak parts. They redesign the infrastructure in a secure way and you can be sure about data safety. Reliable infrastructure guarantees you no leaks.

How to implement DevOps culture to your company?

The best way to implement DevOps methodology into your company is to hire an experienced DevOps team. You might hire specialists in-house one by one but this is quite a long process. Hiring the whole team at once is more efficient.

Such teams are called dedicated teams and provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP). MSP is a company that provides different services and specialists. Referring to the MSP will give you a reliable skilled team of engineers who have a lot of successful cases of work and ready solutions that can reduce the time of DevOps implementation. Thus said, you’ll have a beneficial development model in the shortest possible time.